You should know something about Mozilla preferences to create your own switches. Here I have the about:config dialog where I searched for preferences with javascript in it. In the lower right you can see prefswitch with all currently available switches visible and set to Firefox default settings.

I changed the javascript.enabled preference in the about:config dialog to false. When a switch has been defined properly it will take over the new setting.

This time I searched for frame and clicked on the f inside the prefswitches.

Here I start with the default preferences and choose the Restricted profile by first right-clicking on any prefswitch to get the menu.

It sets the preferences to whatever has been configured for the profile. This also works when one or more of the prefswitches are hidden (as of version 0.1.1).

You can Manage Profiles and the way preferences are configured when choosing a profile.

To understand the Manage Switches dialog you should take a look at existing switches and read about Mozilla preferences.

The prefswitch project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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